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Water is one of the best tools for shredding muscle. Dehydration definitely slows down the fat-burning process and makes you one step further from getting shredded body. Therefore, always drink eight glasses of water per day, which is equal to around two litres.

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A great way to determine whether you need to increase your daily water intake is to observe the colour of your urine. Contrary to what people think, lifting lighter weight and doing more reps is not the way to shred muscle.

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  4. However, always pay attention to the right form, as it can prevent many injuries you certainly want to avoid. Besides eating times per week, you also need to know the right macronutrient ratio.

    10 Steps to Getting a Shredded Physique

    Macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates and fats that are found in foods and our body needs them on a daily basis. Apart from that, the post-workout meal meal after your workout is critical for improving recovery and building muscle.

    KETOGENIC DIET - Shred Fat & Build Muscle

    The things you eat or the supplement you use for your post-workout meal will greatly impact your success. This will give you a rough guide to see how far you have come along in your off-season in regard to overall strength as well as slightly boosting the ego. You need protein for your muscles to grow; the more, the better.

    Include lean red meats in your daily diet, as they contain the right nutrients to make muscles grow. It's actually quite simple: the combination of a high protein diet and the right kind of workout will make your muscles grow like you never thought possible. The general rule of thumb in bodybuilding is that you need a minimum of Your muscles grow while you're resting, so by not giving yourself enough quality Zs, your body isn't able to recover and repair your muscles as well as it could if you were getting adequate sleep.

    In addition to being tired, another drawback of sleep deprivation is that important muscle-building hormones are negatively affected. These hormones include testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol and insulin. More Advertise with us.

    How Long Does it Take to Get Ripped?

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