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The appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn unites many of the squabbling Imperial factions to go to battle against the New Republic but Thrawn's death at Bilbringi brought back their divisions. Chief among this is a failure to choose a successor to Emperor Palpatine. A signal from the Imperial stronghold of Byss in the Byss system in the Deep Core, at the end of the Byss Run brings all the bickering leaders together only for them to discover that a reborn Palpatine called everybody there.

He is able to unify the Imperial forces and launch a massive attack into the New Republic, with the old capital Coruscant as the first target. However, the factions revive their animosities once Coruscant is conquered, and Palpatine sees this as a chance to identify those who are truly loyal to the Empire. The planet itself is ravaged from the infighting, and the Rebels see this as an opportunity to sow further confusion, using captured Star Destroyers to broadcast false signals and play the Imperial forces against each other.

The series begins with the Millennium Falcon leading a Rebel task force to Coruscant. The Rebels successfully rescue the Liberator survivors, but a massive energy storm appears. Luke sees the storm as a large disturbance in the Force , and asks everybody to leave him behind; he lets himself be devoured by the storm. The taskforce returns to the Rebel fleet in the Da Soocha system. Rebel commanders discuss the appearance of the Imperials coming out of the Deep Core and discover that Admiral Ackbar's homeworld of Mon Calamari is now under attack by a fleet of Imperial war machines.

Called the World Devastators, the machines are designed to convert everything in their path into raw materials for building more war machines on the spot. Lando leads another taskforce with a second captured Star Destroyer leading the charge to aid in Mon Calamari's defense. Meanwhile, Luke awakes from the light of the Force storm and finds out he is aboard an old Imperial prison ship heading to Byss.

The ship docks and Luke is closely escorted to a chamber, where he is stunned to see Emperor Palpatine alive. The Emperor explains that he has revived himself in a clone body and makes Luke doubt any attempt to kill him knowing he will quickly manifest in another clone.

Sensing the futility and seeing the horror of what is happening in Mon Calamari, Luke humbly surrenders to becoming the Emperor's new apprentice. Leia has visions of Luke being corrupted into the Dark Side and wants to travel to Byss and save him. She and Han travel to Nar Shaddaa and try to arrange a ship to bring them past Byss' security network. Along the way, an old woman named Vima-da-Boda - a former Jedi who survived the Empire's crackdown - feels Leia's Force energy and gives her an old Jedi artifact.

However, the Hutts have put a large bounty on Han and Leia, with Spince selling him out to Boba Fett revealed to have survived being devoured by the Sarlacc during the events of Return of the Jedi ; the two escape Nar Shaddaa aboard Salla's ship, the Starlight Intruder, with the Falcon attached. The Intruder has the proper codes to get inside Byss, and Imperial security lets them in but lock out a pursuing Fett.

Han Leia, Chewie, and the droids are brought before Luke and the Emperor. Leia discovers that he holds hostage an even greater treasure: a mysterious and intelligent artifact called the Jedi Holocron , a holographic cube that contains historical information about the Jedi. When Leia discovers that the Emperor is interested in possessing her third child, she steals the Holocron and the group successfully breaks out of Byss while having to leave behind Luke again. Luke faces the already frail Emperor and destroys his clone tanks, but the Emperor possesses one living clone and subdues him to his will.

Han's group travels to Mon Calamari as Rebel commando forces lay siege to the World Devastators, which have been shut down by a special master code Luke was able to steal and give to R2 and C3PO for transmission to the machines. The Imperials aboard the machines still have the factories running and attack the Rebels. R2 rigs the World Devastators to destroy each other. As the Rebels celebrate on Mon Calamari, Alliance command determines that the World Devastators are part of a larger Imperial offensive to conquer the galaxy.

Leia studies the Holocron and sees an old prophecy about a pregnant woman coming to save the Jedi from doom. At the same time, a small Imperial fleet, led by the massive flagship Eclipse , appears above Da Soocha.

Pulled: Book One: First Flame (Twin Flames Trilogy 1)

The Emperor demands that the Alliance surrender Leia to him and Luke. Leia travels on her own and appeals to Luke to break away from the Emperor. Palpatine creates a large Force storm to destroy the Rebel fleet, but Leia and Luke work together to amplify the storm beyond the Emperor's power and turn it against him. The siblings escape the doomed warship, and as Luke sees the last remnants of the Eclipse being vaporized, he declares the Jedi Knights will rise again.

With Emperor Palpatine apparently perishing aboard the Eclipse, more worlds defy Imperial edicts, especially those that have been recently reconquered. One of these is the arms manufacturing planet Balmorra, whose planetary governor, Beltane, has begun supplying the Rebels with the latest military vehicles, such as the Viper X1 Automadon, a war droid designed to convert energy from enemy laser fire into power for its own turbolaser cannons.

It's a book I read back when I was little, in the mids early 20s. I remember it was a child's series that involved a pixie from another realm with rainbow wings that met a girl and her brother, and they all worked together to return various creatures back to where they belong. I remember there being a mermaid in a fish tank or a pet store and an aggressive gnome in someone's garden. Anyone who knows, please email me at aarin. I am looking for a children's book which may have been written in French. All I remember is the cover which had a boy fishing in a boat. What was unique about this book is that it came with a round frame that had the same image as the cover I believe and it could be hung separately.

I am going on very little here, but perhaps that special additional gift of frame triggers memories. Nathalie -I can be reached at nas71 aol. Im looking for this childrens book seris I read when I was about years old. The main one I can remember was about these two characaters who go to an apple orcharchd that gives streanthaning abilities. The main character eats a rotten apple because he cant reach the ripe ones and becomes weak whild his friend eats a ripe one and becomes stronger. The first one is about someone who ends up in this land that split between numbers and letters?

The second one is about these two rings. Any thoughts? I'm looking for a suspense novel, probably quite recent which I think takes place in England. I read the first couple of chapters on Amazon and now would like to buy it for my kindle. We see a mother out walking in the street with her baby in a pram and her young son. They see a car accident where a silver car crashes into a shop front. She goes to help and there are some casualties.

I think she was already under some pressure and this accident will have consequences for her. Thanks for any help you can give. I'm trying to find a book that I read when I was way younger I"m now 45 eek!!! So what I remember was the setting was in New York they had 4th or 5th grade students take a test and one of the girls scored high and she got a scholarship to one of the private schools in New York.

Of course she has a difficult time transitioning going to the all girls school. Thats all a remember. I'm looking for a cassette tape from roughly the late 80's or early 90's that was likely under the category of "bedtime stories. I distinctly remember her describing a dark room where she finds a machine or robot covered in colorful lights and buttons. I also remember that a storm was coming, and that she met a man on the roof who had some kind of contraption that determined the weather. Would love any help! The book I'm looking for begins something like this I'm trying a to find a book about this girl who traveled across the river to work as a housemaid for a rich family.

The family has two dogs and she was scare to death of them, but the son of the family who fell in love with her taught her to not be afraid of them. The son was married once but his wife died. It ended with the son marrying and living in the same house with the maid. The copy I had was small and I think the cover was light purple and the title started with an "E".

Husband and wife divorce after the loss of their only child. She moves on and remarries but he continues to call her and her new husband is sympathetic. Its about a girl who moved to San Francisco and she spends all her time in a computer store and then she is contacted by a ghost who died in the earthquake. There is a chapter called the Blue Beed. I'm looking for a book about a young woman dealing with addiction in Berkeley, she's living with a boyfriend, then she moves to southern california to help with her father dying from cancer and her mom seems not to care, there she meets another addict and they live on the beach together.

The girl finds a life sized doll that belonged to her uncles daughter Catherine. I'm looking for a book about a crew of astronauts that come back to the zombie apocalypse. One guy in there book has a sword and climbs up in a tree to sleep. At one point the survivors seek refugee in a school. In one of the main confrontations it's in Alaska I think, they have a large base with a fence. The main bad guy kidnaps a woman from the main story and uses her and other women as sex slaves.

The main heroes infiltrate the base to rescue the girl and blow up large underground containers. I cant remember is its manga graphic novel. I remember a guy helps out a girl with her looks make her look beauty. At the end she fell in love with him and she gets off the train and he waiting for her. Arghhhhh i cannot for the life of me remember!! I am looking for a book, I only have a few pieces of the book. Its about a boy that is going into high school. When he writes on the paper the pen doesn't work so the name that is written is Ace. He meets a girl in home room named Raven.

He has a zit in his eye so he is wearing an eye patch that is from his little sisters detective kit. That's all I remember about the book. I need help finding a book where a girl is an orphan and kept in a tower she sees a gardner and later on is kidnapped by him when she passes out she lights things on fire they later on try to escape together. I am Looking for a book where a girl gets help from a boy fixing a motorcycle up for her dad. She hopes that it will make her dad remember everything. When they find out she likes him they give her reasons to convince her that he will break her heart.

In the end she ends up being with a guy and they go on a motorcycle adventures together. I'm looking for a teen fiction book where a girl I think her name was Emma lives with her grandpa who is a well known musician. She lives above the guitar shop that her grandpa owns. Emma loves making and playing guitars. Emma's grandpa is later killed and this pushes Emma to go and find her father whom she has never met.

Sometime in the book Emma goes to a bar where she sees this band. In the band there is a boy named Jonah and Emma meets Jonah when she gets into an accidental fight with some jerks at the pool table. Eventually Emma's passion fir music gets her into a band with Jonah and his friends. Emma's superpower is her music. Jonah and Emma share a passion for music. Jonah also is in a group that hunts and gets rid of spirits that lurk around the area that they live at. But Jonah doesn't like this job and wishes that he didn't have to do it.

There is one weird thing about Jonah and it is the fact the he never takes iff his gloves even when he's playing guitar. And Emma quickly notices this. Also in the story Jonah has a disabled younger brother who cannot walk but is very good with technology. I'm looking for two children's books from the s One involves a young couple in their first home suddenly inundated with cats Happy ending The man builds backyard homes for them.

The second takes us through the day from morning to noon early afternoon, afternoon, dusk finally night. Both are about the size of golden books. The first is a book about a young woman who works in an office with her boyfriend and friend. She is being stalked by someone who works with her and eventually her boyfriend breaks up with her. The stalker attacks her in the stairwell of her office building and her boss comes to her rescue. In the end she finds out her boss has always loved her because he remembers her from when she was a little girl and her family vacationed at his families place.

He got her in trouble when she was small and her mother slapped her. He carried around that guilt with him and always wanted to find her and make sure she turned out ok. Her stalker attempts to attack her again until he is finally caught. The second one is another romance about a guy, who I think is pro football player, who hires a nanny to care for his baby. Anyway, the girl takes the position because she wants out of her trailer park home where alcoholic father is abusive. Long story short they end up falling in love. I thinks she takes college courses too and drive a beat up clunker.

I'm looking for a pre-teen fiction book I read in the 60's about an orphan girl who discovers she can ride horses and resurrects an almost forgotten early childhood with equestrian parents in the circus, she falls in love with an almost mythical boy Ponyboy not the more modern Ponyboy character. Hi, I'm looking for a nonfiction book that starts out by the author telling an story about how her whole college class was brought into an auditorium and shown a short film about these two basketball teams passing balls then a gorilla shows up randomly and starts jumping around in the middle of them.

This is in reference to a study that was done in by Simon Charbis and Daniel Simmons. The book is actually a critique about our education system and talks about how it needs to account for the difference in individual attention spans that people have. It was published sometime in the early s. Ruthm, was the first book Behind the Attic Wall? I'm looking for two books ; Ther first, an orphan girl or foster girl; I believe it was made into an after school special.

Set in the 70s or early 80s. She was sent to live worth an older women. All I remember is she didn't want to be there and as time went on she grew to love the old women and didn't want to leave when authorities came back for her. The second is a kids chapter book. The front had an older women with an eye patch and holding a cat. It was about a family moved into a new town and the locals claimed the old woman was a witch. The family kids got to know the old lady and became friends. Hello, I'm looking for a romance novel that my grandmother use to love to read back to back.

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I can't seem to recall the name but it was about a woman who took over her husband's P. Over time she calls him "superman" because he resembles Clark Kent in appearance.

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But the P. Basically, they both re trying to chase down a person who is harassing woman with short hair, and a boyish frame. I really want to get this novel for my grandmother since she lost hers, but I can't seem to rememeber the title or the author. We had a poetry book in the 60s that had a mix of grown up and children poetry. The Fly by Theodore Tilton was in it. Only one I am certain of.

I know that is slim info. I think it was green and about one and a half inch thick. I am looking for a children's book possibly set in Australia or New Zealand about a vagabond brother who visits his nearsighted sister. She disapproves of his lifestyle. She has a disgruntled cat. When the brother leaves, he mixes up his fur hat with the cat and ends up taking the cat on vagabonding adventures.

The sister believes her cat the brother's hat is a now a much happier cat, content to lie in her lap. I really can't find this book : When i was in primary school over 11 years ago I read this book and here's what it's about: A princess lives in a castle and gets a box with three wishing seeds for her birthday, among other gifts. She then uses the seeds to wish for her prince. The book progresses as she waits for her prince wondering when he's coming and what he's doing right now. In the end it turns out her wish comes true, however the guy she falls in love with is actually her servant who has been there from the beginning.

I am looking for a fantasy book that came out in the eighties that involved a reluctant hero, sort a homebody, who loved making cheeses. He got pulled into a quest and it involved an elven airship and all he wanted to go was get home to smoke his pipe and make different cheeses.

Sorry for the vagueness. I would appreciate any help. If memory served it came out around the same time as Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds by Brian Daley, or it may have had cover art by the same artist. She marries an older, rich man named Warner but runs off with a bullfighter due to her sex addiction. There is also a gay best friend and an Anna Wintour type woman as her mentor. The name of the novel is making me crazy! Please help. When her father dies she contacts her dads friends who tries to set the girls up with marriage. Does anyone know a picture book I read when I was in college 30 years ago?

I forgot the title but it began like this; Once upon a time there was a man and a woman. The man said yes. The woman said yes. They fell in love and got together. But as life went on the woman said No. Then the man said No. Then the woman said NO NO. Then the man said NO NO. I went something like that. It was simple. It was easy to understand.

So I gave it to my parents. They weren't speaking together at that time. Anyway, I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. I gave that book away to a friend and I regret it. Thank you so much for reading this. I'm trying to remember the author or the name of a romance novel about a divorced woman and her son moving to a small town in Alaska to her childhood home that her deceased father left to her. When she gets there she finds her high school sweetheart living next door with his daughter and son.

Looking for a s circa book, about a boy and a deer. I am looking for a book I read as a child in the s about children that lost both parents and an older child in the family raised them. I think it was called something and then Palace bubblegum29 comcast. I think it is a YA book but it could be an adult fiction. They have to sleep in the same bed for some reason, and because the friend likes the singer, he starts thinking about her sexually while sleeping next to her.

As if reading his mind, the girl turns to him in bed, takes his penis and starts to jerk him off. Im looking for a book I read about a girl reluctantly goes with her friends to a cabin in the poconos for the weekend for her friends birthday. The story starts to unfold with something about a mental hospital near the cabin and an escaped patient from that night. I'm looking for a book that is about a girl who was in an accident.

I think her parents are scientists. She is saved and made of blue or green goo now. Her memory is saved on a computer that she ends up finding. There is something about butterflies I think. Orange Coast College or Goldenwest College courses.

Twin Flames Trilogy, no. 2

I'm looking for a thriller about a woman who slowly transforms herself into a man by buiking up her body mass and changing her appearance and her sex. I read this book when I was in high school and I cannot remember the name of it. It was a fantasy book. The main characters brother is sick and I think died in the hospital. I work in a public library and a patron just requested a copy of a book about a young boy who journeys to Alaska in search of a male relative dad? She thinks the boy's name was "Lincoln" and he ends up living with the local native people, hunting with them and learning their ways.

She thinks the title had the words "water" and "sky" in them maybe? Any help would be appreciated, because her grandson is going to Alaska soon and she thought he might enjoy reading it on the trip. I'm looking for a book I read when I was in elementary school in the 's. I used to check this book out a lot. All I can remember is the book had a dark blue fabric cover over hardback.

It was about a young girl, possibly 12 or 13, who went to stay with an elderly, sick relative in California on the coast. The household was made up of the elderly relative, housekeeper, maids, cook and the child. It is not the Secret Garden, nor is it Heidi. I want to say the title had something about Candle in it Not sure when it was written. I loved this book and have been wracking my brain for years to try and remember it.

He gathers his friends and they all go search for it. Looing for a book that has orange cover and about teens in high school the main character has an enemy and a best friend the book is small in size and is a series. I'm looking for a s book with a cabin that basically when you stayed in time stood still and the outside world kept going at an accelerated speed.

It was two brothers. One stayed and the other went outside. Searching for a book that I read in the early 's about 12 children known as the Big Six older kids and the Little Six at summer camp. There was a ' Fairy Ring' in a clearing in the woods. The children cooked and took care of themselves. Assassin type series Author "Eisen??? I read that around and remember some similarities to what you describe. But it was not precisely what you described. Looking for a romance book about a girl who meets a guy that was kicked out of his old school.

He saves her from getting hit by a car. He rides a motorcycle.

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They fall in love. He is protecting her from something. She gets weird things sent to her. Looking for a book about a kid in London who is maybe part of a detective agency with his older brother not sure about this? I know he deals with gangs or something and is almost thrown into the thames with cement shoes. There's a scene in the book where he's in a train yard or something and he's tied up, but when he's tied up he remembers to tense his muscles beforehand so he can escape the ropes later. This is very vague, but I just remember it being a good, kinda funny book.

Looking for a book I read years ago. I can't really remember what it was about but it was something like a son or grandson retelling the story of his dad or grandpa who designed the nuke or something? Since every time she wears it good things happen. The strike up a Summer romance. And since I never finished the book, due to my sister snagging it, I have no idea how it ends.

Looking for short story, supposedly an English class book about a young boy who travels on a bus then meets a punk looking girl in a bar waiting for the bus to be fixed so he can travel home. I'm looking for a sci fi series I read as a kid. The main character is an enhanced super soldier who's turned against his compatriots, but his enhanced abilities are only activated by proximity to his former comrades.

Looking for a book about 2 boys who travel through history as famous historical figures. Lincoln and Grant, Marc Antony and Cesar. I remember the book being sort of old looking with a green hard cover. I want to say it was written in the 50s or 60s but can't be sure. The title had something to do with Lost, Forgotten, or Time but not sure about that either.

I've come across the typical Land that Time Forgot but that is not it. It was children stuck in this other world and I think they arrived by some sort of door through the brush. Thank you!! Looking for a book where a young boy climbs a waterfall and then he makes friends with a young girl.

After many years he climbs the waterfall to win her hands. I read a story once, the catlike woman whose tribe fed on dreams was kept by a worker on a mine planet. Her kind was forbidden, the dream feed caused eventual death but was pleasant to both in the dreary world. Have been trying to find that short story for almost 40 years now. Sound familiar to anyone? I want to read it again. Looking for an old Penguin book about some half-dozen historical social reforms in Britain. Each chapter was about some social ill that was finally ended or mitigated. Three I dimly recall are the abolition of man-traps to catch poachers, some safety improvements in large sailing ships, The title was something along the lines of "They'll never fix this one".

I think it's A Spring to Remember. Childrens book with many stories that were illustrated one was about poor man who meets a witch and she gives him a horse who she says he can't feed he gets rich off the horse and one day feeds him the horse turns into a man and spares him for the crumb he gave him but burns his house down and takes his riches the witch comes back and turns the man into a horse.

Looking for a book my mom 88 read as a child. True storyThe story was about a young boy who was lost in the woods of Maine. He fell a lot as he was trying to find his way out. He was cold at night. His shoes wore out and so he was barefoot. He walked through creeks and froze his toes. He ate berries to survive He prayed a lot. He finally came to a lake, he had fallen and could not get up. He felt someone pick him up He saw a light across the lake and wanted to swim towards it.

He was so exhausted he could not and again he felt someone helping him Anyone have any clue as to what the title of this book is??? He even gets someone to deliver his newspaper to his bedroom lol. He is in the music industry, possibly a jingle writer and he plays the piano and taught his daughter. The author may have an Irish sounding name? Please help me find it again! I am looking for a book my boyfriend read 4 years ago. The book is written in the first person, published before The protagonist is an American professor visiting England and begins on his journey back to the airport in a taxi.

All the other tenants in the guesthouse are strange with their own stories to tell. You, as the reader, are lead to believe the other guests are either entirely mad or dead. The protagonist spends a good portion of the middle of the book trying to distance himself from other guests to find signal on his phone but can't to call his girlfriend.

At the end of the book it's heavily hinted that the protagonist actually died in a plane crash and has been dead the whole time. The book was billed as a thriller but had rather humourous moments if you like dark humour. The author of the book seemed to be English and possibly had a double barrelled surname.

The cover may have been yellow on the hardback edition. I am looking for a children't book I used to read as a child.

Publisher Description

It was a short read about a young girl who wanted to purchase a black stallion but couldn't afford it. So she ended up purchasing a beat up old black horse instead. Essentially, this book is the ugly duckling book about a horse. It would have been published prior to the early 's.

That is when I remember reading it. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a book that is about a Havard student. When he passed away, his friends came to his funeral and they decided to have a speical sign for their children. His son grew up and he got the help from his father's friends to take revenge for him. Please let me know if you know any information about this book. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. He then set out to find his family along the way he comes across a man and a women in a house and he uses the words full of spunk to describe her.

He also uses a bike mask to be protected from the air. And he has a picture of his daughter in his pocket. Along the way they come accross a hospital where a nurse and a child have been hiding in an X-ray room where they were protected from radiation. The kid was wheeled around in a wheel barrow I do believe.

Looking for a book about a girl who lives in california who is goth but carries around a doll and falls in love with a surfer who works at a juice bar and her mom and boyfriend send her to her father on NY an she meets her half siblings. The cover is pink and yellow-orange stripes with a combat boot and a doll. One is about a man who proposes to his girlfriend with a green ring, next to a dock or some water, and a sea monster like pops out and steals the ring.

The man jumps in after it. He eventually gets it back and returns.

He gives the ring to his girlfriend and she says she'd like it better if it was blue or some other color. Might be called Suburbia? Looking for a book from the s I think, about a girl whose teacher stays with her while her parents are away. I don't remember much except she had a party and the teacher made a "cake" with tuna in the middle of a loaf of bread and frosted it with cream cheese. I know it's odd but that's the main thing I remember to this day lol. Published prior to One leader eventually disappears when not a diamond using magic.

Underground cult uses magic to overthrow system and a leader eventually achieves lifetime ambition of disappearing into a diamond. In looking for a book i read to teens. It's about a young girl camp counselor that took misfit teens camping. They had a volunteer grandma with them. Along the bike they encountered a group of motorcycle guys that followed them and caused trouble.

If I remember right, it's categorized as a Young Adult book. It's about this girl and boy who I think they used to date, but for some reason they split and part their own ways, but they keep writing letters to each other that's how the book is narrated; with the letters i can't remember but i think the girl stops writing and the guy is struggling to keep up with growing up and becoming a responsible adult. I think the girl goes of to college and finds someone else. I am looking for a play theather play that I watched many years ago. It is about two boys raised by their parents in very different ways.

Like a psychological experiment. The parents or one of them is a psychologist. One is raised in the attic, locked and isolated. And the other is raised freely, regularly registered at the school. I am looking for an illustrated children's book I read 30 years back. The publisher was "Treasure Press". The title had the words "The Golden Monkey" I forget whether it was Legend of the Golden Monkey or Tales of the golden monkey or legend of the golden monkey. Any clues? I am looking for a book that i used to read when i was very young. A male assasin partners up with a female assasin and they start to save people instead.

One novel involved an Eastern European police officer who the mob killed and sold the young ballet dancing daughter into sex slavery for revenge and fear to the village. The daughter ends up being trafficked to Las Vegas and main characters save her. I am looking for a book from the 90's. It was a young adult book. There's a girl who loses her virginity to the town bad boy then runs away. She hitchhikes to California and works as a waitress or maybe in a resort. She meets a guy and they fall in love. She finds out she can't have kids because of some STD the bad boy gave her.

In the end she uses a payphone to call her mother. The cover had a backpack, postcards, and a red bra in sand on it. I am looking for an anthology of sci-fi short stories. One story I remember is about a girl who rides her bike beyond her block and discovers a gas station. Later she can't find it. It turns out the town is just an elaborate facade. Her parents aren't her parents. Something dealing with a pumpkin shows a glitch in the false reality.

Looking for a girl born given to her sister. Has two ballerina outfits on it and a person hugging the girl. Am looking for a children's book I read in the s. Great aunt Jane was going to the airport and had a flat tyre. I remember the phrase "as flat as a pancake". Hi im looking for a book who had the drawing of a crocodile on front on the french version anyway I think it was an american teen novel but with mystery and murder.

Two bad? Cynthia Eden. The Wolf's Redemption. Calle J. Kathryn Kelly. Jennifer Blackstream. Christina Bauer. Laura Wright. Bound In Darkness. Desert Kings Boxed Set Books Diana Fraser. Joanna Mazurkiewicz. Red Moon Secrets Deadly Beauties 3. Masters of Seduction: Books Lara Adrian. Rise of the Alpha. Heather Long. Atlantis Series Complete Collection.

Gena Showalter.

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Steel Beauty. Dana Marie Bell. Saber Chronicles Volume One. Masters of Seduction Volume 2: Books Rachel Grant. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. The Tempted. Donna Grant. Brenda Pandos. Kelly Jamieson. Sons of Sangue Volume 1 Box Set. Patricia A. Revenge Coming Home 2.

Meli Raine. The Seduced. Judith Lucci. July The Daughter Trilogy Bundle. Jaded Jewels The Coveted Saga 2. The Witches of Cleopatra Hill, Books Christine Pope. Fang Chronicles: Emily's Story. D'Elen McClain. South Beach Sizzles Collection. Charity Pineiro.

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