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But the popular opinion now is somehow being easily swayed by emotionally charged rhetoric and fake news having no factual basis.

The Lie We Live

It requires deliberate action to drive social scrutiny and to encourage people to be more focused on evidence and rational thinking. In , we can expect more scrutiny and vigilance to expose organisations to reveal the truth and curb those hustlers from distributing fake news. Google and the other social media networks are starting to take action to stop the fake news distributors from using their services to target specific audiences. For example, Google announced in November that sites that misrepresent themselves would no longer be able to use AdSense and in the same month, Facebook said the fake news sites would not be able to use the Facebook Audience Network.

Unless strong regulations are in place, we believe this news clean-up will still continue to be a challenge in What does this mean for marketers?

Chapter 1: Self-Correction at the Leading-Edge

The rise of fake news has had a major impact on the biggest global media platforms, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. The organisations generating fake news have been leveraging social and video platforms and search engines to optimise their distribution and content consumption. This has increased the likelihood of advertising content from legitimate advertisers being featured close to fake news, which, in turn, can generate significant negative PR for a brand. Welcome to Zenith.

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The anti-vaccine movement shows the peril of a post-truth world

This confusion basically comes from false teachings about God and His nature. When we read the Bible as a whole, we can clearly see who God is and what He consists of. Who is God? Genesis says, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Quote by Cormac McCarthy: “The truth about the world, he said, is that any”

This gives us an idea of how powerful and magnificent God is. He is eternal, which means without beginning or end Psalm He is all powerful, so powerful that He even created the world and us! He is all knowing; nothing can be hid from God Proverbs ; 1 John He is everywhere, at all times Psalm ; 2 Chronicles He is perfect, and does not sin 1 John He is unchanging, and will always remain the same Malachi ; Hebrews He is a Spirit, not flesh John ; Luke This is the God you and I serve! It is also important to realize that God is one.

This Quote Is From

Galatians says, God is one! The Bible clearly teaches there is only one God James ; Romans This is where one must begin to understand the Godhead or Trinity, as this is often referred to. But how can God be three-in-one?

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  4. As followers of God, we must understand that the same Bible which teaches us that God is one also teaches us that God has different personalities. In Genesis , God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness These personalities are separate in function, yet one in thought and purpose. They are unified as one, perfect, complete God!